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Machines & Automation
Prospector Train in the Western Australian Outback
A new-generation of railcars with a top speed of 200 km/h required a tough curved windscreen, which very importantly, had to keep intact and secure in the event of a bird strike.  The challenge for Nybro was to provide upper heads and lower sills...
Pneumatic Crimping Machine
A short bodied crimping machine used to crimp 3 layers of 1.6mm galvanised steel together, removing the need for welding.  This machine was custom designed for a local Sunshine Coast company, Trailers 2000.  This crimping unit...
Machine Design
Large scale proof of concept machine. This machine was commissioned to determine throughput and sizing requirements of all the principal components in an innovative new method of processing sugar cane.  The machine was designed...
MT2500 is a our new design disc opener assembly which can be fitted to a single or double bar, mounted, trailing or combine conversion. Designed for minimal soil disturbance at planting.  
Automated Valve Controller
A requirement for a cost effective valve actuator, with accurate positioning capabilities using of the shelf gearboxes and motors, gave rise to this unique device.  It allows for the closed loop positional control of the valve,...
Astrodomes are a revolutionary designed viewing dome that accommodates both telescopes and other equipment used in an astrological capacity. With a large spacial layout, Astro Domes are designed by astronomers for astronomers.  
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