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Four Shelters Configured together.

We designed our Emergency Shelter with many versatile features which include tables and chairs, beds, kitchen facilities and others that fold down from a concealed stowage position in the roof cavity. Also in the roof cavity area is a facility for batteries, power inverters and lighting. Combined with solar panels on the roof and a water tank mounted in an optional floor, this emergency shelter can be suitable to provide the essentials to sustain life.

Nybro knows Innovation: To create is to live, I believe is the best way to describe the excitement and enthusiasm when an individual is inspired with an idea. I love seeing firsthand when someone shares amazing insight, it's like an energy drink for the soul and for that person it offers opportunity surrounded in a sense of accomplishment.

Products that meet your needs: great products come from great minds who have pondered about a better way. All Nybro products allow you to Live Better, Work Better, Play Better and Relax Better.

It's easy to know someone when you can relate to them: If you don't stop and look around once in a while, life will pass you by.

What an adventure so far: We are delighted to share with you, just who we are and when you're ready, part of the Nybro way is this... we will be really pleased to get to know you. We have learnt that just like us, all our customers are trying to make life that little bit better and want to deal with people who care.

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